Today's Motivation

12-18-2018 Jennifer A. Garrett, JD, LLM, MBA 0 comments

Today’s Morning Motivation: Stop living your todays in yesterdays.

IS THIS POST ABOUT LETTING GO? Well sort of...However unlike other posts you may have read from me (or others), this isn’t about letting go of the past because it hurt you or because something didn’t go as planned.

Today I want you to focus on letting go of the accomplishments of yesterday. Often times people reach a goal and then they get comfortable. They don’t continue to challenge and to push themselves. Instead, they repeatedly relive what they accomplished in the past. STOP IT!!! It’s okay to be proud of all you have done! You are amazing and have done great things. But now is NOT the time to kick back and relax. NOW is the time to keep pushing forward. #movetheball Stop settling for what you’ve already accomplished and keep striving for more. So my friends, MAKE TODAY SO AWESOME THAT THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF YESTERDAY ARE JEALOUS OF TODAY! What amazing things are you going to do today? Please share in the comments. #ownyourgame #elevateyourhustle #dominatetheday