Today’s Motivation

12-14-2018 Jennifer A. Garrett, JD, LLM, MBA 0 comments

Determination overcomes all barriers that hinder the way to success.


Determined people know no boundaries. They know that limits only exist in their minds and they choose to be limitless. They choose to be fearless in the pursuit of what excites their soul. These people know that no matter what life throws their way, they WILL keep on swinging and NEVER lose sight of the end game. It’s their determination that gives them the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that are in front of them. They don’t let anger, frustration, and disappointment deter them when things don’t go as intended. Instead they control their emotions, make adjustments, and figure out what the next play in the playbook needs to be. Ask yourself how important each goal is to you. Then ask yourself how determined you are to reach it. If it’s important, never waver in your determination and don’t stop playing until you cross the goal line. Are you ready? Let’s go! #ownyourgame #elevateyourhustle #dominatetheday #movetheball