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Today, humanity is facing a world crisis due to the spread of the Coronavirus and this is a historical conjuncture where each one of us must try to find solutions depending on their field and skills. In this exceptional period, many inventors are inventing new technologies and inventions related to COVID-19 and this can be seen very clearly in many countries.

So, to honor those individual inventors, innovative companies, universities, and scientific research centers, who found concrete solutions to fight against the spread of COVID-19, IFIA organized the “Inventions VS Corona” contest against this virus. It is a valuable point to know that participation in this competition is free and the winners will receive multiple awards. Besides, projects will receive the necessary support to reach the global market through the worldwide network of IFIA. Furthermore, since IFIA is the only international organization that has officially received a grant of special consultative regarding the support of innovation, inventors, and innovators from the United Nations, the inventors will benefit from the support and funds related to the Coronavirus during this competition. In conclusion, IFIA invites inventors, innovators, and researchers from all over the world to engage and to have impressive participation in this online contest. Finally, IFIA president would like to thank Mr.Koray Sahin for presenting the idea of this project to IFIA and Mr.Zoran Barisic and Mr.Majid Elbouazzaoui for coordinate this contest.

Awards: All applications will be evaluated by ecosystem professionals and academicians who are experts in their field. Applications will be received between 15 May and 15 June, and the results will be announced on 1st of July. The international jury committee will be shared on this page soon. In addition, following the evaluations to be made by the international jury committee, the following awards will be given; IFIA Grand Prix WIIF Grand Prix Gold Certificates Silver Certificates Bronze Certificates Special Country Awards Apply here: