Tuesday November 23, 2021

Eko Convention Centre, Lagos AIIF2021 #YELEMINITIATIVE 08:00 AM

Event Details

AIIF 2021 creates a platform for the creativity of inventors from all over the world. The event gives opportunities to both local and overseas inventors to showcase their inventions/new product, participate and win awards, diplomas while connecting with worldwide investors, entrepreneurs, promoters and so on. AIIF2021 is an avenue to commercialise and promote your inventions. AIIF2021 allows participation of inventors who cannot visit event physically to join remotely and still grasp the opportunity of being awarded and recognized for their genius inventions. The event combines many programs like invention exhibition, educational seminar, conferences (e.g. The World Artificial Intelligence Conference, The International Conference on Coronavirus), panel discussions and award ceremony for inventors, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs from both local and overseas sectors. Participation is open to all that have ideas in all categories that are looking for investment, promotion and receiving our coveted awards. Exhibitors can participate either physically (in-person) or remotely through registration. For more explanations on registration procedures, refer to the "entry method" below

Step1: Send “REQUEST FOR AIIF2021 APPLICATION FORM AND BROCHURE” as a subject to Step 2: Complete AIIF2021 APPLICATION FORM for each invention/project Step 3: Send the completed APPLICATION FORM(S) to with the subject “COMPLETED AIIF2021 FORM(S)”

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